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If you really want to make your leaders last a long time or you need an extension on your leader to keep your fish from getting spooked or you want to get really crazy and try using a dropper fly, pick up a spool of fly fishing tippet from Wild Water. Like our leaders, its’ precision diameter, materials and color are the same as any other on the market, but we don’t charge as much.

Our selection of clear nylon fly line tippets ranges from 7x to 0x, each with a length of 30 meters or 32.8 yards. Diameter ranges from .100 mm to .280 mm, and breaking strength ranges from 2.2 lbs. to 12.4 lbs.

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    Wild Water Fly FIshing 4X Tippet

    Wild Water Fly Fishing
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    Tippet is Always Great Always use wild water tippet - Jim R.   Wild Water spool of nylon 4x tippet. Item Specifics: Size: 4X Length:30 mete...

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    Original price $6.00 - Original price $6.00
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