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Wild Water Fly Fishing Fiberglass Fly Rod Kits

Have you heard about fiberglass fly fishing rods? Sounds like a throwback from a different era. Well, it is, but the appeal of fiberglass fly rods is being rediscovered everywhere. What is so great? Well these are almost the opposite of today's super light, super stiff fly rods. By comparison fiberglass rods are heavier and softer than todays rods but that combination of flexibility and weight create a different fly casting experience. A fiberglass fly rod almost forces you to slow down. The casting rhythm is a delight. Instead of punching the fly and line through the air the rod almost floats the line in front of you and delicately lays it out on te water. Casting is only the start of the experience. When the fish are on, the flexible fiberglass rod loops around and makes the fight more interesting. The extreme give of the fiberglass rod makes it harder for the shock of a fighting fish to break the line. Fiberglass fly rods are also very durable. They are much more impact resistant than a graphite rod so they can take a hit without forming a micro crack that turns in to a catastrophic failure. The beauty of the translucent deep green of a Wild Water Fly Fishing fiberglass rod is mesmerizing.

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