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Wild Water Tenkara Zoom Fly Fishing Kit 7-8 ft Shorty Rod

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Tenkara is a form of fly fishing from Japan that is as elegant as fly fishing can be. It is simply a rod with a line attached to the tip.
  1. Tenkara fly rods do not come with a fly reel.
  2. The rods do not have guides or a reel seat.


TENKARA ROD: Weighing just 2 ounces, this 7’-8’ fly fishing rod has a 5:5 rod action. This rod will extend to 7’ and 8’. It has 6 sections made of durable IM8 graphite. Its 8 5/8” cork handle has a wooden plug for protecting the rod during storage. The end cap is aluminum and laser etched with the Wild Water logo. The knurl on the end cap allows for easy disassembly of the entire rod for cleaning and replacing sections. PLEASE NOTE: fly rods do not come with a fly reel, guides or a reel seat.
PROTECTIVE ROD CASE: The Wild Water Fly Fishing Starter Package comes with a durable nylon carrying case and a soft, stretchy rod sock for travel and storage. The case features a 22-inch PVC rod tube and a carrying strap.
WATERPROOF FLY BOX WITH TWELVE FLIES: Our starter package includes a rugged plastic fly box that can hold up to 372 flies! To get you started, we have included the following flies: Qty. 2, Size 12 Black Sakasa Kebari Qty. 2, Size 12 Olive Sakasa Kebari Qty. 2, Size 12 Tan Killer Kebari Qty. 2, Size 12 Black Killer Kebari Qty. 2, Size 12 Hi-Vis Orange Indicator Kebari Qty. 2, Size 12 Tan Hen & Hound
INCLUDES TENKARA FISHING LINE: We included the following lines with our starter package: Qty. 1, TRADITIONAL TENKARA LINE – 7.5 feet of chartreuse furled polyester line with metal ring to attach tippet Qty. 1, MODERN FLOATING PVC TENKARA LINE - 8 feet of blue-colored PVC floating line with welded loop for tippet Qty. 1, MODERN HYBRID TENKARA LINE - 8 feet of olive-colored PVC floating line with polyester-furled level line and metal ring to attach tippet.
INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Our rod package is perfect for fishing in small to medium-sized streams and ponds. With this well-crafted rod, you can catch trout or panfish with ease. The rod's size and carrying case are great for backpacking! Additionally, we've included the following accessories: Qty. 1, Foam spool Qty. 1, Plastic line storage clip set w/o-rings Qty. 1, 30 meter spool of 5X tippet Qty. 1, Line nipper Qty. 1, Retractable reel

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Items came quickly and are great quality. Can’t wait to try them out

You get more than you pay for

I waited until the last minute to order, but this made my trip!!!!

Great Value for Money

This is a remarkable small stream tenkara rod! It is soft-tipped but with enough backbone to snag larger trout in brushy streams where longer rods would be nearly impossible to cast. This rod compares favorably with rods that cost double the price. I have compared it to a $265 rod I own and can discover very little difference between it and the Wild Water Shorty! I don't know how the company did it, but they really hit the magic formula for small creeks with this one. Absolutely fantastic!

Robert Kemp

Well, it's always said in tenkara circles that if you want a really GOOD rod, you have to pay at least a couple of hundred dollars for a Japanese product, and I've found that to be pretty much true--until I pulled this rod out of its packing and case and flipped it around a few times...I couldn't believe it! this is a short rod with just the right amount of backbone, but nevertheless quite flexible for excellent casting. It is so close to a $300.00 rod I bought a while ago that I can hardly tell them apart--except that, if anything, the Wild Water Shorty cast slightly better. My eyes and arm almost refused to believe it! I'm a small mountain stream 3" brookie sort of guy, and you will know that in the Appalachian mountains headwaters streams that mean lots of brush. You're not going to use a 10 or 12 foot rod here. And at its shortest length, the Shorty really isn't as long as its advertised length. It's really 6' 9" instead of 7', which is good. That missing 3 inches can actually help. I can't wait to get this rod out on a stream in May! And I will be spreading the word everywhere. You don't have to pay $300.00 for a great short rod! Get the Shorty kit for $112.00 and you will be thrilled!

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