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Wild Water Fly Fishing
The Best Value in Fly Fishing

Our Story

I can't remember when the fascination started but I was very young. The waters and fish that lived near my home were always on my mind. I was drawn to the water and the fish. A lightning bolt struck the day I spotted a mysterious fishing rod in the gun cabinet of the front hall of my great grandparents home. It wasn't long before I figured out it was a fly fishing rod. That's all it took. It has been an obsession ever since.

As a beginner I had lots to learn. Learning about the basics of fly fishing for any beginner can be challenging. What is the meaning of terms like mending and tippet and backing? What are all the different types of flies used for? I ran into a lot of these questions when I began fly fishing and had a hard time finding answers. In a world without the internet searches and YouTube videos, it took a lot of effort to learn the terminology of fly fishing, and I knew that I wasn’t the only one confused by this tricky sport. I loved it so much, I joined the Boy Scouts to find more opportunities to fish.

Prior to a trip to the Adirondacks with my troop I invented and prototyped the first unofficial Wild Water product—the Pocket Fly Fisherman - that I took on the long hike into the mountains and used in a few streams while we camped. It is actually very similar to a Tenkara fly rod but I didn't know it at the time. I was only 13 when I invented it. In later years I rigged up a 10-speed bicycle with bungee cords to hold all my fly rods and tackle boxes.

For many years, I used that bike to take myself to local ponds and streams. I cherished the fly rods that I had but none of them lasted very long due to poor quality. Things got serious when I could drive a car. The local tackle shop sold me a fly rod and reel for salmon and steelhead which ended up being heavy and overpriced. I fished in for many years and learned it's limitations. At the time I was unaware that the invention of the pocket fly fisherman, the cheap rods I took on my bike trip and my first real fly rod were all preparing me to create a great company that would help others have a better experience than I did.

I created Wild Water for the beginner who is new to fly fishing and for parents and grandparents who are creating a family legacy of fishing with their children and grandchildren. We supply you with everything you’ll need from the rods to the reference guides to ensure that you make a good start with the best tools.

Our Family

The greatest fly fishing experience of my life was visiting my great aunt and uncle in Nova Scotia as a child. I spent two weeks there one summer and it changed my life. Let loose in the wilds of Nova Scotia, there was nothing limiting me from going out and catching the abundant wild brook trout in every creek I found. Each night after dinner, Uncle Don took me out in the row boat for the big bookies that lived in the lake. For me, this trip is where fly fishing became a way to connect with loved ones and has become a family legacy ever since.

I discovered much later in life that all my Dodds relatives had a long history of fishing. Years after I started Wild Water family photos emerged of my grandparents, great grandparents and uncle Don catching trout and pike in the same places where me and my family live and fish today. We even found a book about fly fishing that my Uncle Don gave my great grandfather for Christmas in 1938! It feels like fly fishing is in my DNA. I thought back on the good memories fly fishing created in my family, and I knew I wanted to continue to bring other families together all around the world by creating a brand where you can find a huge selection of everything dedicated to fly fishing.

Our Brand

At Wild Water, we represent a dedication for bringing friends and family together by providing everything you’ll need to gear up for a trip to the lake. If you’re a parent or grandparent that wants to nurture a kid's interest in fly fishing, Wild Water provides the best tools for you to make your fly fishing trip an unforgettable experience.

When I first started out in the fly fishing business, I noticed that the market was heavily saturated with poor quality entry-level fly fishing tools. If you were new to fly fishing, forget about it. Resources for learning about fishing were scarce, and finding quality fly fishing equipment at a fair price was far too difficult. So, I took it upon myself to put my skills to use.

Now you can find high-quality freshwater to saltwater starter kits through Wild Water to get you started on the right foot.

How do we do it?

  • Wild Water is the only company to focus exclusively on affordable, easy-to-use fly fishing starter packages for all species of fish.
  • Wild Water selects everything you need to start fly fishing. We design and test each component of each package so it performs flawlessly.
  • Wild Water offers a library of free information and friendly support to answer all questions about fly fishing.

We offer the following fly fishing products:

  • fly rods
  • fly reels
  • fly line
  • tapered leaders
  • backing
  • tippet
  • flies
  • fly boxes
  • fly rod cases

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Mailing Address

Wild Water Fly Fishing
6298 Dean Parkway
Ontario, NY 14519


(585)-967-3474 (FISH)

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