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Fly Fishing in California - Fly Fishing in the Truckee Region

Fly Fishing in the Truckee Region of California

Local Waters- California

California holds a special place in my heart. From the beaches to the mountains there is endless opportunity for adventure around every corner. The fishing in California is insane, so many different types of species to catch. The ocean, rivers, and lakes have so much to offer for fly fishing, especially new anglers and well experienced anglers. My favorite area to fly fish would be in the Truckee region, there are so many different options and rivers accesses. The upper sections of the Truckee boast much clearer water compared to the rest of the river. The section from Trout Creek to the Boca reservoir is designated as a wild trout stream. This is where you can really get into some adventure and fun fly fishing. Yes, this section is a little more challenging but that makes it that much more fun, you have to work for it and earn your catch. However, if you are patient, you can catch the fish of a lifetime. The main two fish for this area are Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout.  A 9' 5 weight rod is a good choice in this area. This river can be fished year around as well, however in the winter make sure you have some solid insulated waders, because it sure does get chilly. I have only fished this river a handful of times and it's been early fall, but they sure are eaten around that time of the year. The flies that I have had the most luck with are stone flies and emergers. I found this out by stopping at some local fly fishing shops in the Lake Tahoe area before trekking down to the river. Always check with the locals before you go, they tend to have a lot of solid information to give you, which is great before fishing in a new area. For the angler that is less experienced or may not have the time or patience to go searching for the wild Rainbow Trout or wild Brown Trout, there are a few sections that are stocked pretty frequently. The section from Lake Tahoe to Trout Creek is heavily stocked by the state and is fed by many tributaries. However, this section is more crowded than other areas on this river and if it's in the summertime, look out, this is a super popular area for kayakers, and people floating down the river in rafts. You can avoid this though, just go early in the morning and you won't see another sole. You can access this section from HWY 89, also this is that area I mentioned that is crazy clear, so spotting fish is actually way easier here compared to other areas on the river. I have actually had some solid luck right off the highway here. The last time I fished this part of the river I was in a hurry and did not have much time to fly fish and explore, but I did manage to land a fifteen-inch Brown Trout on a green drake emerger that day. I literally pulled off the highway got my gear ready and got straight to it, within about twenty minutes of wadding around in this section I landed this fish and had a solid fight with it. I about lost it as I brought it into my net, but once it had tired itself out, I removed the fly that he had managed to chomp down on and there it was, a beautiful Truckee River Brown Trout. You just can't beat quick little fly fishing missions with not much hope to get anything but you end up landing a California trophy trout, it just does not get much better than that as an angler. I walked back to my truck with a big ole smile on my face from a successful strike mission, and dinner. You can keep fish on this section of the river the limit is two fish per angler, and they have to be over fifteen-inches, so I was right on the money with the size of mine. Overall, I highly suggest getting out on the Truckee River and going after big Browns and Rainbow Trout, I promise that you won't regret it, that area is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and one of the most spectacular rivers I have ever fly fished.

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