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Fly Fishing in Delaware - Prime Fly Fishing spots in Delaware

Prime Fly Fishing spots in Delaware

Delaware, a state that is 96 miles long, yet the entire eastern side of the state borders water. That would be the Delaware River and the Delaware Bay. You’re never far from big water when you’re in this state and it shows with how its locals love to fish.

Whether its freshwater or saltwater you’re after Delaware has you covered. Each will present its own opportunities and challenges.

So, check out the list below for some different spots to check out on your next fly-fishing trip to Delaware.

White Clay Creek

White Clay Creek is the most heavily stocked trout water in Delaware. In order to trout fish this creek you will need a Delaware trout stamp. Trout fishing can begin one half hour before sunrise and one-half hour after sunset.  You’re also allowed to keep six trout per day unless you are fishing within 50 feet of the designated fly fishing only section of the creek.

You can fish this creek within the White Clay Creek state park section. Keep in mind that there is a small fee in order to enter the park. The entrance is going to be two miles northwest of Newark off of Delaware Route 896.

The stream is clear and full of boulders that can provide perfect habitat for trout. Since it is so heavily stocked it can be beneficial to wait a day or two after stocking to allow the fish to get more familiar with their new home. Often this is not the case with a stocked river, and you want to get there as soon as possible before people begin throwing fly patterns that look like food pellets to these fish.

This is your classic trout river so a classic trout set up will be needed. A 9’ 5 weight rod will be ideal and depending on the water clarity you may need to go as light as 6X for your tippet. Be wary though because there are some sizable rainbows that line in this creek that will easily snap tippet that light. 

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Bellevue State Park 

There’s a paved track that goes for a little over a mile around the pond. Making it ideal for anglers for who want to move quickly around the pond from spot to spot. This is a great pond for someone who is either looking to get into fly fishing or is looking for a spot to get some quick fishing done either before work, on a lunch break, or after work.

The pond is stocked with bass, catfish and panfish. Coming here in the summer and throwing hoppers and terrestrials to panfish is a great way to either learn how to fly fish without the learning curve of large rivers. It won’t take long to really work the pond and exhaust certain spots. However, the state keeps it pretty well stocked so there will never be a shortage of fish.

Located north of Wilmington, the park has plenty of parking and can make a great spot to even take kids to if they wish to learn how to fly fish.

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Brandywine Creek

This creek offers anglers opportunities to catch smallmouth bass. It runs through the northern tip of Delaware and through the heart of Wilmington. You can access the creek at the Brandywine Creek State Park. It also runs through the Alapocas Run State Park, as well as Brandywine Park.

The northern section of the creek can be easily waded while the Southernmost point is best fished from either a boat or from the banks.

Trout are stocked in some of the surrounding waterways so they can find their way into Brandywine Creek when the water temperature is just right. However, this is mostly. Warmwater stream where you’ll be targeting smallmouth and panfish.

If you want to target panfish then a smaller set up like a 3 weight will be best. Where with smallmouth you’ll be better off using a 6-7 weight set up.

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Wilsons Run

Wilsons Run which meanders through the Brandywine Creek State Park, is stocked with brown and rainbow trout. Some of them considered trophy size as well.  Making it one of the best trout fishing spots in the state.

The stream is just over two miles long and can be found at the main entrance of the park off Adams Dam Road. This is near the towns of Greeneville and Centreville. When fishing here you will need both a fishing license as well as a trout stamp.

You’ll be able to retain six trout per person. If you come here on the right day, then you should hit that in no time.

Take your time and fish this area slow. Despite there being tons of trout in this creek it does get heavily fished so fishing slowly and downsizing your flies will be your best bet to limit out on trout quickly.

A 4-5 weight rod will be our friend here. Throwing small nymphs and dries and when you see fish rising will help your success. If the water is muddy and fast after. A hard rain or storm then you could utilize small streamers or wooly buggers to help the trout see your fly a little bit better. 

Freshly stocked trout like to go after bright flies so if you know they just stocked it try tying on something with chartreuse or a bright orange to help attract them to your fly.

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Delaware is full of different types of water that anglers can use to catch a wide selection of species. From trout to smallmouth bass Delaware seemingly has all type of fishing covered. So, check out some of the spots above the next time you come to Delaware for a fly fishing trip.

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