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Fly Fishing in Mississippi - Prime Fly Fishing spots in Mississippi

Prime Fly Fishing spots in Mississippi 

Mississippi hosts several streams and lakes that can make for a memorable day out on the water. On top of great freshwater fishing the state also boasts some wonderful saltwater opportunities as well. 

Check out some of the spots below to see which one you’d like t go to on your next Mississippi fishing trip.


Saltwater Flats 

The Mississippi Sound is protected by barrier islands. These island help prevent nutrients in the water from being pulled out into the ocean. This helps create a rich habitat for the native fish. The water near the shore is also often shallow. Making it perfect for anglers that might not have a boat.

Mississippi has 400 miles of shoreline to choose from. You can choose to fish from one of the beaches, or one of the inshore grasslands. It’s here you can catch speckled trout and monster redfish. Biloxi and Gulfport near the National Wildlife Refuge are two of the more popular spots.

Fishing from the beach can be difficult but offers the best opportunities for anglers who don’t have a boat. Walking the shore with rod in hand and trying to spot fish will be our best bet. Make sure to practice your casting before you get there because you’ll need to be acuate if you want to get these fish to bite.

Inshore in the grasslands will require a boat. Ideally a skiff and someone to pole you around. Hiring a guide will be your best bet however if you or your friend has a boat then launch at the Gulfport Small craft Harbor. 

Fly Selection 

  • Crab
  • Shrimp
  • Clouser


Chunky River

Don’t let the funny sounding name fool you. The Chunky is a great bass fishery. This river meanders through Mississippi and is one of the tributaries that makes up Clarke County’s Chickasawhay River.

Water clarity is usually hit or miss and will depend on rainfall in the area. The Chunky is miles long and consists of shallow ledges and deep pools. The shallow faster water can be hit or miss with catching fish, but the deeper sections right below them are usually red hot.

Look for eddies, structure, and anything you may deem as “fishy” will more than likely have at least one bass or panfish hanging out on it or near it. If you can, make a few casts to it to make sure you’ve put a fly in front of the face of the fish more than once. 

In late summer and early fall you’ll find that spotted bass are keying in on topwater flies. This can be a very exciting time on the Chunky. 6-8 weight rods will be your best bet.

The boat launch off of Highway 80 is the sole one. Take outs will be located at any of the old bridges that dot the river. Map out how far you plan on going and ensure you have a ride back to your car or have a transport vehicle waiting for you at the take out.

Fly Selection 

  • Clawdad
  • Clouser
  • Poppers
  • Boogle Bugs
  • Wooly Bugger


Bouie River 

The Bouie is a shallow river that is best suited for fishing out of kayaks, canoes, or drift boats. This is good news though because it means the rivers gets less pressure than some of the other waterways in the area.

The upper Bouie by Glendale Bridge is pretty shallow. Where below the bridge towards highway 42 bridge you’ll find gavel pit lakes.

The river produces solid populations of striped bass and largemouth bass. The fishing can be slow during the heat of summer, but if this is your only option then fishing early in the morning as the run rises or in the evening as the sun is setting will be your best bet.

Fall and Spring will be the most successful times of the year. The weather is perfect for these fish to be feeding 24/7. Making it perfect for anglers who want to get out and float the river for a full day. 

Fly Selection

  • Wooly Bugger
  • Clouser
  • Clawdad
  • Poppers
  • Hoppers (Summer)


Ross Barnett Reservoir 

This 33,000-acre freshwater reservoir is home to some great bass, panfish, catfish, and crappie fishing. It can be overwhelming coming to this lake and trying to fish 33,000 acres. However, it’s best if you look at the lake from a map and break down smaller sections.

This will allow you to be more successful and can help get through the mental block of finding fish in such a large area.

Bass will be holding around the river channel near the ledges and structure. You can also find them in shallow spots near the aquatic vegetation. Crappie can be found in similar areas. 

The Ross Barnett reservoir can get very busy with watercraft during the warm summer months. Sticking closer to shore or tucked back into channel will be your best bet to avoid any spooked fish from jet skis and water skiers. 

There are plenty of boat launches around the lake which is the ideal way to fish it. There are some shoreline areas that allow anglers to fish from but taking a boat out is the best way to really break down this reservoir and find as many fish as possible.

Browns landing and boat launch, Madison landing and Boat launch, and Rankin landing and Boat launch are the largest on the lake with six lanes. There are also two different marinas. 

Fly Selection 



Mississippi has a plethora of fishing opportunities for any angler. From saltwater to freshwater you’ll be able to catch a wide array of species in just a single day of fishing. You could find yourself saltwater fishing in the morning and by the afternoon you could be pulling in largemouth and striped bass with ease. So, check out any of the spots above the next time you head to fish in Mississippi!


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