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Fly Fishing in Oklahoma - Prime Fly Fishing spots in Oklahoma

Prime Fly Fishing spots in Oklahoma


Oklahoma has an abundance of unique fishing opportunities. The state has two different trout rivers, hundreds of thousands of miles of river shoreline, and the most man-made dam formed lakes in the US. Allowing angler plenty of water to fish and a vast selection of species to chase.

Oklahoma may not seem like a fly-fishing destination, but if you take into account all the fishable water then you could be in for a great trip.

So, check out the list below and see which body of water you’ll want to hit up on your next Oklahoma fly fishing trip.


Lower Illinois River

This is a unique river because it gets stocked weekly with trout, and I don’t mean just for a few months. I mean this river is stocked on a weekly basis year-round with rainbow trout and when available, brown trout.

On top of having great trout fishing, this river also holds good populations of bass, walleye, and striped bass. Giving anglers opportunities to catch multiple species of fish in one day. 

There are a total of five different public access points on the river. A popular one is the public access area at Gore Landing. This one also has its own campsite. You can also find access spots on River Road, and the Lower Illinois Public Fishing Area. 

The Public Fishing Area is walk in only. However, Gore Landing is equipped with a boat ramp that you can utilize.

The caddis and mayfly hatch occurs essentially year-round on this river. So, if you’d like you only need to bring two flies with you if you wish to catch trout. If you want to target other species, then your usual bass flies will work.

Fly Selection 

  • Caddis Nymph
  • Mayfly Nymph
  • Wooly Bugger
  • Popper
  • Clouser
  • Clawdad


Lower Mountain Fork 

The Lower Mountain is the second year-round trout fishery. This river is on a similar stocking pattern as the Lower Illinois. There is a total of 12 miles of trout stream giving anglers plenty of space to stretch their legs and find their own run of river to catch fish in. On top of trout, you can also catch largemouth bass, walleye, and spotted bass. 

Be aware that portions of the river, especially near Beavers Bend, are whitewater. It’s known as the best whitewater stream in the state. 

The river has almost constant cool water running through it that make it perfect for both brown and rainbow trout to be stocked here. 

The Mountain Fork Park also offers kayak and canoe rentals. Making it perfect if you’re just visiting and are unable to bring your own boat. There are also several different guiding services that work this river if you’d prefer to go the professional route.

The river is separated into two different zones. The red zone and the blue zone. Both have different regulations when it comes to trout length, use of artificial flies/lures, barbless hooks, and also total bag limit.

The access point at Beavers Bend State Park has plenty of space to drop a boat into the water. Down by Presbyterian falls there is a bunch of public access too.

Fly Selection

  • Midges
  • Sulphur’s
  • Wooly Bugger
  • Clawdad
  • Popper
  • Clouser


Blue River 

The Blue, unfortunately, is not a year-round trout fishery. Instead, its stocked November – May. You’ll also find that the river is only stocked with rainbow trout. Which occurs every two weeks during the stocking season. 

There is also a healthy population of smallmouth, largemouth and spotted bass. On top of channel catfish. 

The water is clear and spring fed. It has several plunges and waterfalls that make for some beautiful fly fishing. In the summer the water gets too hot to hold trout so anglers will switch to bass patterns so that they can still catch fish. 

With it being a spring river there could possibly be some trout holdover in deeper sections of river. However, that number doesn’t seem to be very high.

The Blue River is mostly a walk and wade river. It’s easy to access the river from either side and can also be fished from the banks. There are a couple of different public access areas along the trails that follow the river. The Blue Rive can also be accessed at the Blue River Campground as well as the Ruth Walker Landrum Wilderness Area.

Fly Selection

  • Muddler Minnow
  • Near Deere
  • Wooly Bugger
  • Popper
  • Clouser


Lake Watonga

The best way to get to Lake Watonga is through Roman Nose State Park. The Park contains a lodge, restaurant, riding stables, picnic spots, grills, showers, electricity, and one boat ramp. The lake does have bank fishing opportunities but fishing it from a boat is the best way to do so. The lake is stocked with rainbow trout from November through March.

You’ll also find largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, crappie, panfish, and catfish in the lake. You can retain six catfish per day. For trout, you can keep three trout per day, and they can only be caught on rod and reel. There is no size limit for trout.

When trout season is done, you are no longer allowed to keep any that you catch. 

If you come here during the summer, you need to wary of other water sports enthusiasts. The lake can get busy so be ready to ether get there early or find some nice quiet water away from everyone and stick there for the day. The rest of the year will shouldn’t be as bust and the only other people on the lake will be other anglers.

 Fly Selection 

  • Hoppers
  • Terrestrials
  • Wooly Buggers
  • Clouser
  • Clawdad



Oklahoma has a surprising amount of good trout fishing. A state that gets this warm is usually not known for its abundance of trout, but Oklahoma appears to be the exception and not the rule.

 So, check out any of the spots we mentioned above and see which one you like best when you take your next Oklahoma fly fishing trip.


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