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Replacing a broken Tenkara rod section

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Replacing a Broken Tenkara Rod Section

Just like all fly rods, Tenkara rods do break from time to time. They can be very fragile, and one way or another, many fly anglers have experienced a break in their Tenkara rod. Although the structure of Tenkara rods is slightly more complicated than normal fly rods, replacing a broken rod section is simple and can be done by anyone at home.

Once you have a replacement section for the piece of your Tenkara rod that broke, find the cap on the butt of your Tenkara rod and unscrew it. Then, pull out the section that broke – it doesn’t matter which section of the rod you broke, as all of the pieces can be individually removed and are easy to replace.

 After you’ve removed the broken section, put the replacement piece in its place and reassemble the rod. That is, in short, all you need to do to replace a broken rod section on your Tenkara rod! It’s an easy process, but here are a couple of pointers to help you out along the way:


Be gentle with your rod. Your Tenkara rod, particularly the tip sections, are fragile and – as always – should be treated with care as you replace the broken section. Make sure to be careful as you remove the broken piece and replace it with the new section, taking care that you don’t damage any other pieces of the rod in the process.


Check to make sure other sections of your rod aren’t damaged. Even if you only have one rod section that’s clearly broken and unusable, other sections of your Tenkara rod may be damaged – even if they aren’t broken in half! Rods can accumulate micro-fractures over time that can end up being detrimental to their performance. And, depending on how you broke your rod, you may have unknowingly damaged other pieces in the process. Before you request an individual replacement piece, make sure you check the other sections of your rod to make sure they aren’t damaged as well.


Don’t overcomplicate things. There’s no need for any tools or special equipment when you’re replacing pieces on your Tenkara rod. It’s just about as easy as swapping out pieces on a regular fly rod, so don’t overthink it! Remember that each individual piece of your Tenkara rod can be easily removed and put back in its place, so replacing a broken piece is a simple plug-and-play procedure.


We hope this article helps guide you through any questions or worries you may have. If you’ve broken your Tenkara rod, don’t worry too much – it’s an easy fix, and once you have a replacement piece, you’ll be able to get back out on the water in no time. If you’re following our guidelines above, the process should go smoothly and you should have a Tenkara rod that’s good as new.


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